Filming Documentary at Yalis

Documentary Series
In Production May 28, 2022
Locations: Ahousaht, Quatsino, ‘Namgis, and Heiltsuk First Nations

Series Creator, Producer and Director Steve Sxwithul’txw of Kwassen Productions, is pleased
to announce the start of production of Ocean Warriors ~ Mission Ready, a new documentary
TV series on APTN and CHEK.

Ocean Warriors ~ Mission Ready follows four First Nations on the BC coast that have joined
together to form the independent Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary. These are highly
trained Indigenous men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line for any
emergency in their territory along BC’s rugged coastline.

The 13-episode half hour series will shoot May 2 – 28 in Ahousaht, Quatsino, Namgis, and
Heiltsuk First Nations. Series Producer / Director is Martin de Valk, Associate Producer /
Production Manager is Michele Mundy of the ‘Namgis First Nation, and Barbara Hager (Metis)
is the Writer.

“Having this chance to showcase the work of these volunteer SAR rescuers is something as a producer I am very excited to highlight to our viewers. The beauty of these territories and communities cannot be measured. We are so grateful for this

Producer Steve Sxwithul’txw

Ocean Warriors ~ Mission Ready will take the viewer deep into the four First Nation
communities where men and women train and prepare for the time they will be called upon to
respond to a “PAN-PAN” emergency call for help. Ocean Warriors is a series about hope and
heroism, tragedy and heartbreak. The training and deep community connections will help
ensure the success behind the men and women of the Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary.

MOTTO: We are Coastal First Nations, saving lives at sea.
ETHOS: Mission Ready.

Kwassen Productions Inc./ OCM 4 Productions Inc.
Ocean Warriors is created, produced and directed by Steve Sxwithul’txw. His previous series,
Tribal Police Files and Warrior Games, won four Leo Awards for Best Information/Reality
Series, Best Host, Best Screenwriting and Best Cinematography.

Ocean Warriors is produced with the support of the Canada Media Fund, APTN, CHEK Media,
and Rogers Media.

Media Contact: Helen Yagi (604) 736-5517, or