Important Information to the Community

It has come the attention of Chief and Council for the ‘Namgis First Nation that a staff
gathering at the Cormorant Island Health Center (CICHC) was interrupted by a small
group of community members expressing their individual concerns.

Unfortunately, we understand the manner in which these concerns were expressed was
disrespectful and inappropriate to that forum. We regret any distress experienced by
the attendees due to this situation.

We know our island residents are concerned about the reduction in services that have
been occurring – a problem being experienced across the Province and Canada due to
staff shortages. The Nation is in regular contact with Island Health regarding diversions
and strategies to minimize service reductions.

We also know that there are some concerns that the racism and differential services
present in the larger health system may be experienced in our local hospital.
These are complex and important issues that are being addressed by the Nation, First
Nations Health Authority, the Province of BC and Island Health.

The Nation is negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding with Island Health related
to service provision and for a greater local role in the management of CICHC. We are
also working with neighboring nations on improving access to primary care (family
doctors) and to identifying local strategies to address discrimination.
Verbal attacks on service providers is not an acceptable or effective way to bring about
change, and in fact, may make maintaining service levels even harder to recruit staff or
if agency nurses, who are critical resources, choose not to come to our hospital/care

If any community member has a concern about the quality of care they have received at
CICHC, they are encouraged to use the complaint process – this will enable a proper
investigation of the matter. Information on the complaint process can be obtained at
CICHC, on the Island Health website or at the ‘Namgis Health Center.

On behalf of our members and patients, we wish to express our appreciation to the staff
and management of CICHC for their service to our community, especially under the
stress of the pandemic and staff shortages.

We share with the staff of CICHC a common commitment to the provision of quality care
and we look froward to a constructive and respectrul process as we work towaros that

Chief Don Svanvik