There are about 1875 members in the ‘Namgis Nation. Keeping track of mailing addresses is an ongoing task. Please contact the Membership Administrator at if you move or if you know of anyone moving. Maintaining an up-to-date mailing list is especially important for keeping in touch with for members to participate in Band Elections. PLEASE, when you move, let us know your new address immediately.

Our Membership Administrator, is the person to contact regarding any membership issues i.e. registering a baby, reporting a marriage, death, etc. or obtaining or renewing your status card. Vickie works in the ‘Namgis Administration Office, where she also doubles as our Receptionist. The range of services she provides is described below, as are some of the key things that you will need to know in order to save you time when you come in to see her.


An original long-form Birth Certificate (this has both parents’ names on it) is an essential document parents must have to register their babies. The original birth certificate will be mailed to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to register the baby and they will mail it back to the ‘Namgis Office and then returned to the parents. Parents should also know they must ensure their babies are registered before the age of one, after that, they will not be covered under medical. When presenting the long form birth certificate for registration, a parental consent will be given to the parents to complete. If both parents are listed on the birth certificate, both parents must sign the parental consent form.

To obtain a birth certificate, or replace a lost one, you have to apply to the Division of Vital Statistics (DVS) and pay $27. Membership Services in the ‘Namgis Administration Office will give you the DVS’s address and the required application form. When you get your or your child’s birth certificate, make sure to put it in a safe place where you can find it again when you need it.


Status Cards are essential documents, both for individual First Nations people and for the Bands to which they claim membership. Adults must renew their status cards every five years, children under 19, every three years. INAC have issued strict guidelines for people wishing to apply for a status card. Applicants must have two pieces of ID before a card can be issued. Obvious ID that can be used is Passports, Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Health Care Card, expired status card, or any ID the Membership Administrator is satisfied with. (List of ID that can be presented is available in the Band Office) This is the year for the new secure status cards and for people wanting the new secure status cards, an original birth certificate is a must, no copy but an original birth certificate will be required. I will be notifying people of the date when I receive the equipment and new cards.

You can save yourself delay and frustration by having the above information with you when you apply for a status card at our office. ‘Namgis is willing to do status cards for members of other First Nations as long as she can get authorization from their individual nation or from the Regional Office.